Explore how ELT Systems Group can design, manage and support your projects in manufacturing,    material handling and warehouse distribution.

ELT Systems Group

ELT Systems Group is a team of experienced application engineers who are capable of providing partial or full engineering assistance to manage your internal improvement projects. We often act as an extension of our customers’ staff, in project management or application engineering roles.


Learn how we can support you by managing projects and corporate initiatives within your company


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ELT Systems Group has years of experience executing solutions to projects and initiatives within manufacturing, material handling and warehouse design. Allow us to help bring automation, cost savings and efficiency to your operation.

ELT Systems Group worked with the customer to finalize their layout based on products SKUs and flow needs. We supplied all of the material handling equipment to get the new 1,000,000 square foot warehouse up and running in four months from final design to shipping product out the door.



Looking for a racking design solution? ELT Systems Group can help you with everything from #racking to #warehouse design to mezzanines and office space.

Robotics and Animation in the #warehouse are the future of increased efficiency and an answer to labor shortages across North America

ELT Systems Group is heading to #MODEX2020 this year. Contact us to set up consultative meeting while there! #MODEX

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Case Study: Bus-Work Platform

Project Features: Structure Design Fabrication Installation Hydraulics Overview ELT Systems Group was asked to design, manufacture and install a custom platform to be used when

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Case Study: Crane Relocation

The client contacted ELT Systems Group to relocate two 60’ overhead bridge cranes with no disruption to the production line setup. The project had to take place over the weekend during 3rd shift with minimal floor space.

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Case Study: Robotic Palletizer

A robotic palletizer is a fantastic automated option when trying to optimize and speed up your material handling process whether you are in a manufacturing or warehouse environment.

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