Case Studies

There are many challenges in today’s manufacturing and material handling world and the two biggest ones are labor and real estate. Labor issues are nothing new and many operations have been struggling to fill in open positions and learn how to do more with less. On top of that, with the increasing demands and an ever increasing need for on demand products for e-commerce, many warehouse managers are looking for ways to increase their storage density.

You can find a myriad of articles already discussing the solutions that ELT Systems Group can provide a growing company from automated robotic systems to deliver pallets hundreds of feet across a building or connecting islands of automation from automated palletizers to automated pallet wrappers. The one thing that that constantly carries over from one conversation to the next with clients across the country is that companies are looking for ways to simplify the workflows so their existing teams can work smarter and not harder.

Horizontal and Vertical Transport

Eastern Lift Truck Systems Division represents and integrates two large manufacturers of robotic systems that offer both horizontal and vertical solutions

  • Hyster Yale Group Robotics offers robotic fork trucks ranging from CB Stackers, End Riders as well as automated Reach Trucks. Where forks are not needed, HYG offers a powerful tugging solution that can pull up to 15,000 pounds capacity. These systems can be used to transport product from end of line to dock doors and even take out the trash.
  • OTTO Motors offers a range of autonomous mobile robot platforms that can be integrated with various tools including mounted conveyors or shelving units. These systems can be used to marry island of automation bring product from a production line to a packaging line. In yesterday’s world you would normally bridge these systems with miles of conveyor. In today’s world, this is no longer necessary.

These solutions can be integrated with any software system to allow seamless communication and operation. Give ELT Systems Group a call to find out how we can make your operation run more smoothly for years to come.

Solving the Real Estate Crunch

Businesses are growing and that means expansion. Warehouse space is at a premium and companies are looking to expand their warehouse capacity and this usually means buying a newer and bigger building, adding on expansion, or taking on temporary leases. This can often be expensive, time consuming or potentially only offer short term solutions that become a financial burden in years to come.

One automated solution would be to investigate the 4D Pallet Shuttle system that allows for 30-60% increase in storage capacity. No longer needing conventional fork trucks, a system that moves pallets around via shuttles that can go in multiple directions and up to nearly 100ft of vertical space can shrink down the space necessary to store product.

Two main ways this is accomplished is shrinking down travel paths required for manual trucks, and maximizing the head space of the ceiling which is often limited by the specifications of the mast of your truck. Not only that, but multiple shuttles in a system allow for pallets to be stored at 2-deep or even 5-deep depending on the application.

If you are considering expanding or looking for real estate leasing options, a 4D Shuttle System can not only future proof your storage capacity needs but also automate your whole warehouse operation.

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