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Project Features:

  • On-site project management
  • Labor and equipment


The client contacted ELT Systems Group to relocate two 60’ overhead bridge cranes with no disruption to the production line setup. The project had to take place over the weekend during 3rd shift with minimal floor space.

Project Execution

The first crane was a single 4,000 lb bridge crane which had to be taken off its trucks, all control cables un-hooked, and lowered into a 5’ wide walkway.

The second crane was a dual bridge with pneumatic hosing and a 10’ x 15’ fixture for lifting fiberglass bus roof panels into place. For this relocation, it was required to remove all the current rail stops as well as disconnecting all air lines and electrical feeds.

After picking and placing both cranes on the floor we relocated all of the air lines as well as the electrical and associated tracks and trolleys.

Execution Timing:

Within 6 hours both cranes were relocated into their new positions and production was back up and using them.

crane relocation

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