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System Features

– Dropped Case Detection

– Partial Pallet Unloading

– Optional Weigh/Label Station


A robotic palletizer is a fantastic automated option when trying to optimize and speed up your material handling process whether you are in a manufacturing or warehouse environment.

The low profile system was designed for simpler and more efficient pallet handling. A key feature is the ability for one operator to load and unload pallets with a standard pallet jack.


Empty pallets are loaded onto conveyors outside the light curtain opening of the cell. The operator uses a simple push button to send the empty pallet into the cell to be loaded.

When a pallet is fully loaded, the conveyor will transfer the pallet past the muting light curtain and outside the cell to be picked up by a pallet truck.

While one conveyor’s full pallet is being unloaded and replaced with an empty pallet, the robot will continue to palletize the other lane.

Safety Features

Safety features are found throughout the entire system. Operators can access the cell after a Request to Enter at the man door; once the robot comes to a controlled stop, the door will unlock and allow entry to the exterior of the robotic palletizing cell, as well as the light curtains which stop the robot and conveyors as needed.

case palletizer

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