Today’s warehouse has many challenges from throughput efficiencies, to labor shortages as well as real estate. If you’re a warehouse manager you are most likely already at maximum capacity and are looking for ways to put even more product in. ELT Systems Group can help you solve these issues with new technology, design and techniques that will help maximize space and increase capacity.

High Density Storage comes in a lot of forms, from Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), mobile racking, rack supported buildings and different automated AS/RS and shuttle systems.

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)

VLMs can offer solutions for both picking efficiencies and maximizing space. A vertical lift module is a vertical structure with varying foot prints that store parts on trays. Those trays are stored on top of each other depending on clearance requirements and retrieved through software for when an individual part is required.

These VLM systems offer a wide range of automated integration into ERP or WMS software systems that allow pickers to increase efficiency with picking speed and reducing walk time through racking.

Mobile Racking

The vast majority of warehouse design is limited based on rack height and aisle width. Whether you are operating in a conventional 11-12 foot aisle or operating in very narrow aisles of 6 feet, you are still giving up a lot of real estate to create fork truck access to pallets. Mobile racking is a solution to this by allowing racking to move laterally to open up when products are needed.

Mobile racking is essentially standard racking on tracks. All the racking is sandwhiched together creating high density storage. Drivers and pickers can access the different racking via handhelds that are tied into ERP or WMS software to call for a pallet position. Once that call is made, the software will then move the corresponding racks to open an aisle allowing access to that position.

These systems are completely safe and are equipped with the latest safety technology.

Rack Support Building

One of the limits to racking is always height and structure integrity. Rack supported buildings offer a solution to increasing your vertical storage space beyond 50 feet of storage space. These systems are perfect for expansion or new warehouse builds that will offer increased storage capacity beyond that of a conventional warehouse. With rack supported building, the rack itself becomes the support structure itself for the building. This allows  you to go higher than usual.

You’ll be able to design these system in multiple environments including refrigerated storage.

Automated Storage Systems

There are many automated storage technologies on the market place that range from Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), to mini-loaders, to shuttle and AGV systems. ELT Systems Group can help guide you through all these technologies to not only increase productivity but solve some of those capacities issues.

AS/RS systems are designed to store and retrieve pallets from a high density storage system of racks. This will not only increase productivity due to automation, but increase storage capacity. These systems can be integrated with robotic lift trucks or AGVs, robotic palletizers and wrappers. Leaving your skilled workforce to engage in more complicated and efficiency tasks.

Shuttle systems are similar to AS/RS systems but simpler in execution. They offer customizable designs and allow you to install them in existing spaces. Typically less maintenance and a smaller investment from a conventional AS/RS system.

Conventional Solutions

Outside the solutions provided above, ELT Systems Group can also help design and install conventional solutions like gravity flow racking, pushback, drive through or manual shuttle racking that will give you additional solutions to your existing warehouse.

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