With the economy ramping up, your operation may be looking to ramp up with it whether that’s with increased warehouse space, new material handling equipment, automation projects or anything else. The bandwidth of your engineering team or project management teams may not be big enough to handle everything you may want to do. ELT Systems Group is geared to help your company budget projects and management multiple installations all under one roof.

How can ELT Systems Group help? Through our network of partnerships and our own project management and engineering staff, we can source materials, design and budget different projects, do site evaluations and offer our own consultation for solving any number of challenges.

Project Management

If you’re building a new warehouse or implementing new equipment installation with ELT Systems Group, not only can we source materials, work on design and engineering we can manage the implementation of all these projects. In the example of building a new warehouse, you’ll often have to manage multiple disciplines. Once the work is ready to begin, let ELT Systems Group handle:

  • Site-survey, design, material sourcing and permitting
  • Logistics, delivery and offloading of racking materials
  • Tear down and re-installation of existing racking materials
  • Installation and implementation
  • Adapt to changing circumstances with re-designs or delays

Budgeting and Material Sourcing

Often during any project with a large scope there will be multiple components that require it’s own system design and proposal. ELT Systems Group can design and source these multiple components allow your own project managers to work with single points of contact rather than working with multiple vendors. Working with a single source will often lead to cost savings.

An example of a project will be a consolidation of a work area that has multiple components that include:

  • Pallet racking
  • Workstations
  • Conveyor
  • Sorting Systems

Traditionally you’d have to work with multiple vendors for all of these things, partnering with ELT Systems Group we can group all these projects together and give you a single proposal for everything which includes project management.

On-Site Evaluation

ELT Systems Group can go anywhere. When projects need to start in a hurry or if you need a proposal that requires onsite evaluation ELT Systems Group is flexible to provide any number of services to make sure any design or concept is accurate and ready to execute on. Some of our on-site evaluations contain:

  • Warehouse layout and design
  • Traffic management
  • Material flow analysis
  • Equipment vetting
  • Custom engineered projects
  • Automation surveys 

With ELT Systems Group we can cover a majority of disciplines and sectors in material handling and manufacturing that will give you confidence or assistance in getting any project off the ground and running. Allow our experts help and advise you with any challenge you have in front of you. We strive to meet your demands with efficiency and speed.

For all inquiries regarding solutions, projects and services please let us know more about you.