Material Handling Consultation

In today’s world, one of the areas that nearly every workplace has to deal with is moving material from one place to another.

Examples might include material handling operations, such as unloading a truck in the back dock of a retail environment, to cross-docking and rebuilding pallets in a logistics environment, to installing and managing robotic lift trucks or utilizing AGVs in a warehouse setting.

Material Handling consultation


Material Handling is a fast-moving and technology-driven industry and ELT Systems Group is a key partner for all of your material handling projects and corporate initiatives. Our experts will be able to assist with adding new technology to drive efficiency gains, increase throughput and cycling or product and increasing storage capacity inside your existing facility. Key technologies:

One of the fast-growing material handling designs today is layer picking. Layer picking allows faster movement and cycling of pallets within your facility. You can offer larger pallet movements by picking layers off of pallets and building them instead of smaller case picking orders. ELT Systems Group can build layer picking setups with the use of robotics or manual picking trucks with high-density storage while maximizing floor space.

Warehouse Design

ELT Systems Group can also offer a full turnkey solution to building and design warehouses from the ground up. We can act as general contractors for building structure including mezzanines and office spaces, to designing and building rack supported buildings. Included in all of this is rack layout design with our full complement of racking types by our engineers.

warehouse design
warehouse design

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