High Density Storage

Many of our customers find themselves lacking available warehouse storage space. Our team excels in creating additional storage capacity within the same square footprint.

Today’s warehouse has many challenges from throughput efficiencies, to labor shortages as well as real estate. If you’re a warehouse manager you are most likely already at maximum capacity and are looking for ways to put even more product in.

ELT Systems Group can help you solve these issues with new technology, design and techniques that will help maximize space and increase capacity.

There are many automated storage technologies on the market place that range from Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), to mini-loaders, to shuttle and AGV systems. ELT Systems Group can help guide you through all these technologies to not only increase productivity but solve some of those capacities issues.

4D Shuttle systems are similar to AS/RS systems but simpler in execution. They offer customizable designs and allow you to install them in existing spaces. Typically less maintenance and a smaller investment from a conventional AS/RS system.

Today’s technology allows for highly automated solution to increase productivity and maintain a steady work force.

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