Case Studies

ELT Systems Group has done different projects in different parts of North America.

The projects range from augmenting and adapting new features to manufacturing lines, designing and constructing one million square foot warehouses to taking on project management of labor-intensive installations of capital equipment.​ You can review some of the projects we’ve taken on in some of the Case Studies listed below.

crane relocation

Case Study: Crane Relocation

The client contacted ELT Systems Group to relocate two 60’ overhead bridge cranes with no disruption to the production line setup. The project had to take place over the weekend during 3rd shift with minimal floor space.

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palletizer design

Case Study: Robotic Palletizer

A robotic palletizer is a fantastic automated option when trying to optimize and speed up your material handling process whether you are in a manufacturing or warehouse environment.

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Case Study: 1M sq. ft. Warehouse

ELT Systems Group worked with the customer to finalize their layout base on products SKUs and flow needs. We supplied all of the material handling equipment to get the new 1,000,000 square foot warehouse up and running in 4 months.

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