For consumers, days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are single days that offer opportunities to purchase goods. For manufacturing, it’s the culmination of months of planning to get ready for increased demand. For those in warehouse and distribution the holiday season is a multi-month sprint to keep products moving from dock door to dock door.

This season has always been a challenge in previous years but with labor shortages being even more extreme, companies are turning towards new technologies to help supplement already reduce work forces.

Automated Horizontal Transport

In order to become more efficient inside any operation whether it’s moving pallets from dock to stock or moving finished goods to storage or even bringing primary and secondary packages to a packaging line Automated Mobile Robots or AMRs are being implement to reduce touches and keep skilled labor in positions to work smarter and not harder.

AMRs help…

  • keep truck operators in aisles doing work and not driving half way across the facility to deliver loads
  • connect islands of automation – bringing products from end of line to pallet wrappers, wrappers to dock.
  • to automate milk runs – bring components from the store to manufacturing cells

Automated Pallet Storage

Traditional AS/RS system that utilize cranes are often built with the warehouse from the ground up. Often utilizing tall ceilings and purpose built warehouse design. These systems are often not options for facilities that weren’t designed for them. There are new options that allow facilities to be retrofitted for fully automated storage and retrieval systems.

Shuttle Systems can now be designed to operate fully autonomously by traveling all six directions: north, south, east, west, up and down. Using traditional racking materials, a 4D shuttle system can be built in nearly any facility no matter how old it is.

4D Shuttle Systems can…

Picking Efficiency

In any fulfillment center, you’ll have a vast team of associates picking orders and will require temporary hires to accommodate seasonal surges. Of of the biggest inefficiencies you’ll have is once an order has been completed or the order is ready to move to a new zone that associate has to walk that distance to transfer the incomplete order or bring the order to a pack station.

Eliminate unnecessary moves and travel time while keeping associates in local zones and process more orders by utilizing robotic picking platforms. These platforms remove the travel times while also assisting associates in their picking. These platform can guide associates to the next pick and then move on once it’s completed. Using visual cues and precise mapping, associates will no longer need to read bill of materials which in turn increase picking accuracy.

Fulfillment Robots can…

  • reduce travel times and increase picking efficiency
  • increase picking accuracy
  • can be flexed for seasonal demand
  • increase operational throughput

These are only some of the solutions ELT Systems Group can offer your operation to increase its efficiency, increase its throughput, increase storage capacity. Contact ELT Systems Group today for a free consultation call to discuss the latest technology and how it’s helping companies like your across the world.

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